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Quality & ISO9001 Certification

Mitutoyo MachineOur robust ISO9001 approved quality system guarantees our customers consistently receive a high quality product.

With a full range of calibrated micrometers, verniers, thread and plug gauges our accurancy is unquestionable.

To boulster our accuracy we have a 3-axis Mitutoyo CMM measuring to +/- 0.001mm of points, cylinders, lines, planes and x,y,z co-ordinates. We also have a shadow graph projector as a valuable asset for new product and tooling development.

Customer specific quality requirements for aerospace, defence and marine are routinely accommodated, including PPAP and SPC, including full material and part traceability.

We have routine audits from our customers and year on year Top Supplier Acheivement awards.

We also have a Prior DOT marking machine to provide unique product identification and futher traceability.