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Sliding Head

With our 6 sliding head lathes we have the ability to product complicated, high tolerance parts complete from exotic materials in high volumes. Our 3 shift pattern enables us to maximise our output to meet our customer's demands.

Our capabilities include machining high tolerance components in Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium for global chemical production equipment providers and sub-sea equipment. We also specialise in machining high integrity fasteners for the construction, offshore and military markets.


2 x Tornos Deco 26 (10-axis mill/turn 32mm diameter capacity w/3m barfeeder)

3 x Tornos Deco 20 (10-axis mill/turn 25mm diameter capacity w/3m barfeeder)

1 x Star SB20 (5-axis 20mm diameter capacity w/3m barfeeder)